BLUEROCK CG-211Y Manual Pipe Cutting Beveling Machine Gas Torch Burner Cutter Kit

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Increase productivity with precise pipe cuts and beveled edges. See demo video below!

Complete Pipe Cutting Torch Kit Includes:

  • Model: CG211Y Machine (No Electricity Required)
  • 87" Chain Links for up to 24" Pipe (select extra chain option for larger pipe)
  • Complete Torch Head Assembly with standard B-fittings & valves
  • Torch Holder Assembly with adjustable straight or beveling angle mount and bars
  • Cutting Tips: Includes #1, #2, #3 Acetylene GO2 (Similar to Airco brand). This unit can use Propane Tips as well with this set up.
  • Small and large wheel sets included for both small and large pipes
  • Fully adjustable torch head angle


  • Pipe Cutting Thickness: 4" - 24" (with the chain provided). Larger Pipes will require more chain as maximum pipe size in essentially infinite.
  • Unit Weight: 24 lbs
  • Cutting Speed: Person Operated / Manual
  • Lateral adjustable spreader bar knob
  • Vertical adjustable torch height knob
  • 360 degree swiveling and locking torch head can bevel in virtually any angle

This is a NEW Portable Pipe Gas Cutting/Beveling Machine. It uses a system that wraps around a steel pipe and cuts by using the chain as track to run along. Each chain link is removable for a precise fit on any size pipe. The user simply turns the hand crank which spins the worm-wheel drive system. The machine has a clutch system which allows the user to "freewheel" the unit to get it to the proper starting point and make set-up easier. It comes with extra-large wheels to use when cutting smaller pipe. It can cut straight or beveled clean edges. The unit does not require electricity. 

Additional chain can be purchased at $149 for a 118" Length. This length can be combined to the existing chain, shortened or extended as each link can be easily removed.

Welding hose to connect from your gas source to the machine are not included. Uses standard B type hose fittings (most other machines out there do not).

We sell our gas cutting torch kits direct to customers at the lowest possible price. We are the manufacturer. Give us a call at 206-604-8363 if you have any questions. Give us a call with any questions (206) 604-8363



CG-211Y Operational Manual

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